Mo' Bettahs

Hawai’i as the island locals know it

Our goal was to recreate the feel of family gatherings on the island. It is very common to see families gathered in the backyard or garage to share meals. Our mother and aunties were wonderful cooks who always made sure there was enough for us and any guests who might drop by. They cooked with real aloha, with a love of great taste and a love for those who were eating. With those meals, aloha was shared and relationships strengthened. It was there we learned to love the diversity of foods present in Hawaiian culture. With Mo’ Bettahs, we also wanted to share our special connection to the ocean. In Hawai’i, the ocean is used for more than just recreation. Surfers and paddlers will tell you that the ocean has a cleansing effect on their bodies and souls. They tell of the humility and gratitude that comes from being vulnerable in a powerful ocean. Handmade surfboards and paddles carry the mana (power/influence) of those who have made and used them.

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