The Ranch

From Farm to Fork

The Ranch at Las Colinas is a restaurant with its roots reaching deep into Texas soil. The King of southern charm – experience the true taste of Texas at The Ranch at Las Colinas. Explore seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, bold Tex-Mex flavors from the South, and the comfort food of your childhood. Our roots are deep down into our local Texan soil, which is why our mission is to locally source as much of our fresh ingredients from our great state. We take inspiration from the hard-working ranch hands that harvest our produce out in the fields just as much as the white-collared business man that works long hours in the city. We have created a space in which both can dine together and enjoy a drink, which inspired a saying here at The Ranch – “Be yourself and you’ll fit right in.” Texan tradition collides with wild, contemporary style for a true Texan experience. Come on by and see the best of what Texas has to offer.

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